We offer various strands of mentoring that complement each other:

1-2-1 Wellbeing Mentoring

SMASH Wellbeing supports children & young people aged 9-16 to build resilience, motivation and self-confidence, by offering them 12 weeks of one-to-one mentoring sessions with a wellbeing mentor. Mentoring acts as an early intervention to boost wellbeing and help prevent wellbeing concerns from resurfacing again in the future. Mentoring can take place at school or in the community. 

NEET Mentoring

Inspire Swindon (part of the Community First Programme) will offer 15–25-year-olds, who are of NEET or at risk of NEET status, a mentoring service that provides personalised support to people with barriers and challenges. Our objective is to help them build their independence and move towards education & employment outcomes.

The programme will ensure each participant has mentoring support from start to finish – we will help understand their barriers & challenges, develop & implement plans to address them and provide mentoring to sustain outcomes. We will also assist participants when they engage with external services to ensure the engagement is as smooth as possible.

Each participant will be offered a range of 1-2-1 and group activities (tailored to their individual needs) as they progress through their mentoring programme.

ATLAS Group mentoring

ATLAS groups mentoring takes a relational approach to mentoring, encouraging young people to explore their sense of identity and promotes their wellbeing in a holistic space. We work with young people between the age of 9-16. Groups can take place in the community or in schools. ATLAS is a responsive mentoring program that runs across several ‘tiers’ meaning we can match the level of intervention to the need of each group of young people.   

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Street Based Mentoring

Our Street-Based Mentoring offer seeks to connect with young people in spaces and places of their choosing, often out and about in our local communities. Through regular weekly sessions, our skilled mentors support young people to improve their connection with their local community, utilising skills around youth engagement and youth-led community organising. Our Mentoring supports young people to increase their respect for themselves and others, increase their empathy for others and their local environment, increase their understanding of their rights and responsibilities and increase their access to the services available to them in their local area.

We’re delighted to be developing this offer across Swindon + Wiltshire in partnership with The Police + Crime Commissioner as part of the Safer Streets Home Office Initiative.

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How we work

At SMASH, we work to a set of professional standards + principles for all of our mentoring, whatever the context.

  • Early intervention
  • Partnership
  • Trauma-Informed
  • Independently
  • Mental Health First Aid Trained

Make a referral

Children and young people can be referred by an adult who knows them well, for example a social worker, teacher or school nurse.

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