Make a referral

Children and young people can be referred by an adult who knows them well, for example a social worker, teacher or school nurse. Click on the links below to refer into our programs, or to find contact numbers if you have some questions first – we’d love to chat to you.

We have had some instances of forms not being received by our mentors. If you haven’t received a reply from us within 2 working days then please email or rowan@ (groups), luke@ (1-2-1) and ami@ (NEET).

Information you provide will be kept by SMASH.  We will use it to process your referral, assess your needs and to tailor our mentoring programme(s), along with managing our charity.  Just so you know, your referral may detail information which is sensitive about the child or young person being referred and their family e.g. health, wellbeing etc.  SMASH will only use this type of information when absolutely needed to understand your needs.  You can find out more in our privacy notices (bottom left of page).