ATLAS Group Mentoring


A 15-week group mentoring intervention that supports students return to psychological safety within education. Targeted work will take place around why there is persistent non attendance, we will work with the cohort to develop a routine, set healthy boundaries and begin to form relationships with their peers, allowing them to enter school with a peer network established. This intervention is available to education providers; get in touch to discuss more.


Standing for communities, opportunities, voice and empowerment our COVE group is a group mentoring space for young people aged 10-16. COVE is weekly peer to peer support for young people through wellbeing activities, enrichment and empowerment. Aimed at young people who may enjoy a space to explore friendships and support from peers around wellbeing, relationships and identity. If you feel this space may be right please submit a referral or contact Rowan.


WAIT mentoring is a space for young people who are currently sitting on waiting lists for access into treatment. It is facilitated by a lead mentor and a therapist, the group will meet every week for 12 weeks to build a sense of peer-led support through creative therapies.

How we work

At SMASH, we work to a set of professional standards + principles for all of our mentoring, whatever the context.

  • Early intervention
  • Partnership
  • Trauma-Informed
  • Independently
  • Mental Health First Aid Trained

Make a referral

Children and young people can be referred by an adult who knows them well, for example a social worker, teacher or school nurse.

Make a referral