Privacy Policy (The Basics)


There is a more detailed version of this document available on our website.

SMASH supports young people and to do this we need to collect and use information. This “data” can be thought of as ‘personal’ or ‘sensitive’ in nature.

Personal Information includes things like:

Sensitive Information

SMASH have to be careful when collecting information which is more sensitive in nature. This is things like health, sexual orientation, religion or involvement with the authorities. This is only collected when it is necessary for us to have it, to make sure we give the appropriate support and to protect participants from harm.

Where do you get information from?

SMASH collect information from the participants, their parents/carers and other organisations who think our support may be useful e.g. schools, the Early Help Hub etc.

Why do you collect and use information?

SMASH do this to:

SMASH need to have a legal basis to use information and this is because:

When do you share information?

SMASH only share information when we really need to.  However, sometimes the rules mean that we are obliged to share information to protect people from harm (safeguarding).  We might also share information provided to us by a young person with their parent/carer but we would discuss this with them first.

What can I ask you about information and can I see it?

You have a say in how information is used. You can ask:

Questions or Complaints

These should be sent to our Data Protection Officer (Ben Franklin, Head of Operations):

If you wish to make a complaint to the Regulator, please note that the Information Commission (see below) won’t progress this unless you have contacted us first.

The Information Commission (ICO)

SMASH follows rules on using information to make sure we’re being fair (‘being compliant’).  The Information Commission (or ICO) makes sure SMASH does this properly and you can contact them if you have any concerns at