Inner Flame and Manage Anxiety Your Way (MAYW)

"Manage Anxiety (Your Way)" - referrals being taken for Course 1/24 starting 7 May 24

Manage Anxiety Your Way

The Manage Anxiety Your Way Programme (MAYW) is an eight-week part time online programme that does not aim to treat but simply to allow participants the space to explore thought processes and how they affect them. SMASH are delighted to continue MAYW which will be delivered by the wonderful Carrie.

This programme was initially developed by the Inner Flame Charity because they were finding that so many Young People were struggling to take the next step or make positive decisions for their future due to their anxiety being all consuming and taking control.

Referrals are now open for the next course which is due to commence 7 May (Tue) 2024 with sessions being held Tue/Wed at 10AM and 2PM. The course finishes the first week of Jul.

There will be 2 further courses 24/25 commencing in Sep and Jan – referrals are not open for these at the moment.

All contact through please.

You should include a brief summary of ‘who’ you are recommending and ‘why’ you feel it would be of benefit to them. There is no specific eligibility criteria but please remember that this is a anxiety support service in a group setting, it is not tailored, individual counselling, nor is it suitable for those with complex MH needs or conditions.

5 Steps to Wellbeing

Manage Anxiety Your Way participants can expect to:

  • Be understood and supported.
  • Gain and understanding of anxiety of how it affects them.
  • Try out and range of techniques to help them cope.
  • Reduce anxiety levels by adopting techniques that work for them.
  • Create a personal handbook to take with them in the future.
  • Build a sense of community with their peers.

Young People that have taken part have told us that just being able to talk about things in a safe environment with people who understand is extremely important to them. Plenty of time is allowed for this.

“The best part of the course for me was the community aspect of it and working with people that have started alongside myself and getting to learn about the different ways in which people deal with anxiety and opening up that a conversation and not feeling alone.” SM 
“This course isn’t designed to be a one anxious person is the same as every other – which is really refreshing. It gave us the chance to be honest in a safe environment, with others going through similar things, and if we needed to discuss ourselves as a group we were given this time.” CC 

The programme is very flexible with the content shaped to suit those on each course.  All work on the course is optional, which removes a level of stress and the young people that have attended our programmes so far are finding the approach freeing.

How we work

At SMASH, we work to a set of professional standards + principles for all of our mentoring, whatever the context.

  • Early intervention
  • Partnership
  • Trauma-Informed
  • Independently
  • Mental Health First Aid Trained