Undertake 1:1 Mentoring Of A Young Person

1:1 Mentoring Role

This is an opportunity for Volunteers Mentors to change the life of young people who, through no fault of their own, are not receiving the attention, encouragement and support they need.

After they leave us, many of our young people return to school, acheive decent exam results and even go on to higher education. Others learn to manage difficult problems at home or take advantage of opportunities within their community to join youth groups, sports teams, and other clubs.

But it’s not only the young people themselves who benefit from a mentoring relationship. Lots of mentors have told us that mentoring has helped them in their careers, by teaching them people skills and providing them with first-hand experience of influencing a young person’s life for the better – not to mention the enormous satisfaction of watching a young person’s belief in themselves blossom.

“I always feel I take as much away from mentoring sessions as I give. Every experience is new and I am continually learning. Besides, I have so much fun, pushing myself to do things I would never have done otherwise…”

Mentors meet with the same young person once a week once a fortnight,  typically for a year, to give support, encouragement and guidance. Mentors encourage young people to believe in themselves, building up their self-confidence and helping them take the first steps towards achieving their goals.

Our young people may have been let down by adults in the past. They may not have an opportunity to voice how they feel – or if they do, they might not have anyone who really cares.

Often, the most important thing a mentor can do is to simply be there for the young person – to be a trusted adult who will listen to them without judgement.