Swindon Half Marathon: Raising Money for SMASH

Swindon Half Marathon: Raising Money for SMASH

The Swindon Half Marathon, organised by SEQOL Charity, takes place on Sunday 11th November and several of our supporters have taken the opportunity to raise some much needed funds for SMASH!

Nina Hegarty and Claire Peters are running for our Memory Makers programme. They are both volunteers with the Memory Makers programme and have been invaluable in supporting the programme and the children they have been matched with.

Claire became a Memory Maker nearly six months ago, after reading about the programme. She decided to volunteer “because I thought the whole concept of creating positive and happy memories for children was a lovely one. What I get out of volunteering for Memory Makers, is bringing something new and fun to a child that may not have had the opportunity to experience… I’ve chosen to run the Swindon Half on behalf of Memory Makers because they are a local charity and rely on donations.”

Claire’s JustGiving page

Nina became a Memory Maker around the same time. She decided to join the programme and support a child “because I wanted to do something worth while and help make a difference. I am really enjoying building a relationship and seeing a big smile on his face is amazing. I have been putting off doing the Swindon half for a couple of years. But when SMASH asked me it if I would run it for them it gave me the push I needed because it’s such a good cause to help raise money for.”

Nina’s JustGiving page

Between them, Nina and Claire have raised nearly £250 already! Even more money has been raised by Denis Costello, who is also running for SMASH and so far has raised more than £120.

Den’s JustGiving page

You can donate to us through any of the JustGiving pages. Visit Claire or Nina’s page to donate specifically to our Memory Makers programme.

Best of luck to everyone who is running on Sunday!