SMASH COVID-19 Response

COVID-19  –  Message to SMASH Supporters

COVID-19 has challenged us all. It has and will continue to affect the way we live, the way we operate and how we care for others. SMASH is determined to maintain a safe and appropriate level of service during the first stages of the crisis, but we are also very focused on the recovery – when we believe many more children and young people will need our support.

The impact of COVID-19 is and will continue to be far reaching, so even when the crisis has past, there will be a herculean effort required to manage the recovery and this is where SMASH wants to play our most important role.

The virus is presenting a complex social and economic problem with many factors that have to be understood and co-ordinated. That said, we are working tirelessly with Swindon Borough Council, Police Commission, Schools, Children’s Social Services, Mental Health Services, Community Outreach and the Third Sector to ensure there is a joined-up approach across Swindon to get the children and young people the support they need.

It’s clear that we need to work together as a community and as a society, and it’s evident to us that people want to help.  Many people are asking us how they can help and for this we are very grateful – the simple answer is by pledging money to aid us in the post virus recovery. Every pound we raise will go directly to supporting the wellbeing of children and young people, to enable them to grow in self- confidence and develop the motivation required to move forward and have successful and fulfilling lives.

Thank you for your continued support.

Christine Etheridge – SMASH Chairperson

Helen Fisher – SMASH Managing Director