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Head of Operations vacancy


We’re looking for an excellent Head of Operations to join our growing team at SMASH!

 SMASH exists to empower young people to be their best self by increasing their confidence, improving relationships and increasing engagement in healthy and positive activities. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years and would love you to join us on the adventure.

If you are the ideal person we’re looking for, you are a person who makes things happen. You feel comfortable taking on responsibility for key areas of the business and ensuring that our engine is running smoothly! You are self-motivated and enthusiastic and you enjoy taking initiative and leadership within your area. You get great satisfaction from completing projects and developing processes that help make life easier for everyone. You’re extremely well organised and great at communicating – both verbally and in writing, as well as having a really good head for data. You pay great attention to detail (nothing slips past you!) and you’re a dab hand with a spreadsheet. You’re resilient and great at problem-solving – you treat problems like puzzles and look at them from all angles to find the best solution. You are open to trying new things and doing things differently and you ask great questions – challenging why things are done is a certain way or seeking support when you need it.  You are comfortable working in a fast moving, values-driven organisation with an innovative spirit, which means that you won’t always have all the information or answers when starting out. You’ll be able to live in the tension of needing to be organised in a changing landscape.

For our part, we will be a charity that you love being part of, offering you all the support and encouragement you need to not just do the job well, but flourish as a person. How we care for our team really matters to us, and this will reflect in how this job looks and how we look after you.