Georgina’s Charity Skydive

Georgina’s Charity Skydive

0ffa2062-dec0-40a9-ab9d-c04f14a408faOur amazing volunteer mentor Georgina Viveash is doing a charity skydive for SMASH on Saturday 30th May! She hopes to raise £500 for our charity so please head on over to her JustGiving page to help her reach this target.

Georgina has said of SMASH:

I was paired with a 15 year old girl who had various things going on in her home and personal life. She was suffering with depression, was very angry and was also regularly being suspended from school.

It took a while to gain trust and to create a bond with her, but through spending a few hours each week together we soon began to develop a really special relationship and I could see her changing.

She set personal goals and I helped her to achieve them. Over the course of our year together, she learnt to walk away from potentially troublesome situations and how to take responsibility for her actions. She began to think more positively and her self-esteem increased.

Her turnaround in behaviour and attitude was impressive. She even took part in organising fundraising events for SMASH herself and went on a residential activity trip that was funded by the project.

Although challenging at times, it was a pleasure mentoring this young person for a year. I saw first-hand what a difference this charity can make.

More about Georgina’s time with SMASH can be found on her JustGiving page: